Success Stories

American Ninja Warrior


American Ninja Warrior is a sports entertainment television show, in which competitors try to complete a series of obstacle courses of increasing difficulty called "stages". At the end of the season, one person will be awarded the grand prize and earn the coveted Ninja Warrior Title. Each season they look for creative ways to improve the courses and are always in search of new materials. Laird Baltimore’s customer specializes in making large scale zip lines, climbing walls and other obstacles. They were contracted to build several of these courses across the U.S. for the 2015 season.


These courses have traditionally been built from ½” HDPE Playboard, which is costly, heavy, with very few color options. The customer contacted their Laird Plastics Representative in Baltimore, Amy Kavanek, and asked her to search for a product that was lightweight, thin and durable. They also wanted to achieve a seamless look to some oversized areas in the design.


Amy presented KYDEX® thermoplastic sheet to her customer, and it was the perfect fit!  The durability, weight, and rigidity of KYDEX® sheet made the material perfect for lining the obstacles. The customer loved the 64 color palate, and was pleased that KYDEX® sheet was available in rolls in order to cover the seams on the larger half pipe walls. 

On a follow up call, Amy uncovered that the customer was also interested in the antimicrobial grade, as they install many of these courses in indoor gyms and climbing facilities. 

In the end KYDEX® T MB was used throughout the course on climb holds, walls, steps, coverings for unsightly metal and more. The customer is ecstatic to have found a new building material and this will open up future KYDEX® sheet opportunities for Laird Baltimore.