Success Stories


The Scenario:

AMS Vans, Inc. has been a leader in the mobility industry since 1999. They’re one of the first accessible vehicle dealers to offer both new and used wheelchair accessible vans. AMS Vans, Inc. acts as an independent car dealership that supports each buyer with the same services as your ordinary car dealership, such as financing and regular maintenance. They also offer custom conversion kits to those customers that already own a van. Since there are so many mini-van models and wheelchair-entry options, each project is custom in nature.

The Challenge

In the past, AMS used carpet to line the special flooring structures, but the carpets were difficult to keep clean and tended to tear easily. AMS contacted SEKISUI SPI seeking a formable, impact resistant sheet of plastic that would be able to provide all of the necessary earth tone colors that would match the typical interior of vehicles. AMS wanted to move away from the outdated carpet options, and upgrade to something more sustainable and appealing. SEKISUI SPI directed AMS to our Atlanta Service Center.

The Solution

From that point on, Jessica Drury from our Laird Plastics Atlanta location had provided AMS with the many different options the KYDEX® material has to offer. Because the Bloomsburg, PA. Manufacturing site has so many natural colors readily available, AMS found KYDEX® sheet to be the perfect solution. The combination of fast lead times, excellent customer service, and low MOQ for stocked material enticed AMS Vans to continue to come back and offer the KYDEX® material as an option within their services. Jessica took the lead given by SEKISUI SPI and made it into a continued portion of business. Laird Plastics Atlanta now stocks material for AMS Vans and continues to help them grow and use new color choices.