Success Stories


The Scenario:

The Walt Disney Company has created an interactive environment between the Disney Characters and the guests in each of their parks. The amount of detail and design in every one of the costumes is remarkable. The Walt Disney Company has been successfully transferring current ABS/CAB business to the KYDEX® material for a few years now. This new application, where they are making custom formed pieces of characters costumes, is the most recent success.

The Challenge

The performers are often out in the hot Florida sun, so lightweight and breathable material is necessary. Disney also wanted a material that is durable and can hold up to the wear and tear from performers as the costume pieces are often dropped and thrown. The Walt Disney Company strives for impeccable detail and they require a material that would mimic the design of the molds.

The Solution

The Walk Disney Company has recognized their need for KYDEX® material on several projects, including this one. They contacted Westin Granger to learn if KYDEX® material would be suitable for this particular application. This is a perfect situation of a Laird Sales representative taking a stock sheet of KYDEX® T and adding value to the transaction. He also included a perforated piece of KYDEX® as an option that would allow for more flexibility and breathability. The Walt Disney Company purchased the perforated piece of KYDEX®, and continues to do so.